Package: dbi

Arguments: &key db hstmt row-count width

Execute the sql statement that was last prepared via prepare-sql. The prepared sql statement is associated with the statement handle.

If statement handle hstmt is true then it is used for the conversation with its associated database. Otherwise if db is true then it is the database on which the sql statement will be run. If db is also nil then the database used is the one that is the value of *default-database*.

width is the size for character buffers used in retrieving character-valued fields. If not given, then the width for the database, db-width, is used.

If the sql statement is parameterized then values for all of the parameters must be bound before the statement is executed.

The returned values are the same as for the sql function and are documented in sql's description.

See aodbc.htm for more information on Allegro ODBC.

The documentation is described in introduction.htm and the index is in index.htm.

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