Package: composer

Arguments: &key (kill-cw t)

UNIX only

This function returns nil but is used for its side effects. When this function is called, execution of Allegro Composer is stopped, the Composer menu on the Emacs menu bar is modified so only the Start Composer item is active, and all Composer-related windows are closed. Allegro Composer can also be stopped with the Exit Composer/Common Windows item on the Composer menu on the Emacs menu bar.

Common Windows is a no-longer-supported windowing system for X windows. It is used by Allegro Composer. In the unlikely event you use Common Windows for other purposes, you can exit Composer but not Common Windows by specifying nil as the value of the kill-cw keyword argument.

See composer.htm for general information on Allegro Composer.

The documentation is described in introduction.htm and the index is in index.htm.

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