Generic Function

Package: common-graphics

Arguments: lep

If the notify-when-selection-changed property is turned on for a multi-line text pane or control, then whenever the text cursor changes position or different text is selected, the generic function selection-changed is called. An application may add selection-changed methods to see if it wants to respond to the text cursor movement. The single argument is the text pane or control.The return value is ignored.

The default for notify-when-selection-changed is nil for text-edit-pane and multi-line-editable-text, but is t for lisp-edit-pane to trigger parenthesis matching in the development environment. The notifications are turned off by default in case they slow down text editing interaction, though this is unlikely to be noticeable; when the property is turned on, the default selection-changed method does nothing for text-edit-pane and multi-line-editable-text.

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