Generic Function

Package: common-graphics

Arguments: window &optional box erase-p

Invalidates box of window which means that it will be later repainted. box defaults to the visible-box of window. If erase-p is true (default is nil), then window's background is cleared before it is repainted.

The more general function invalidate is now recommended over most of the invalidate-* functions.

Note: incompatible change in release 6.0: in releases prior to 6.0, when a frame-with-single-child instance was passed to this operator, the operator was actually applied to the child (the result of applying frame-child to the frame-with-single-child instance). In release 6.0, this redirection no longer occurs. If you intend this operator to apply to the frame-child, pass that to this operator rather than the parent. This is a non-backward-compatible-change. See the release notes for more information.

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