Package: common-graphics

Arguments: stream &optional scroll-p cursor first-corner

Waits for the user to press a mouse button down, then waits for the mouse button to be released, and then returns a box that has two corners at the mouse cursor positions of the button press and the button release. Between the button press and the button release, a rubber-band box is drawn between the button press position and the current mouse cursor position.

If first-corner is true, it will be used for the button-down position rather than waiting for a button-down. In this case, either a button press or release will mark the second corner.

If scroll-p is true, the window identified by stream will be scrolled if the cursor moves outside it. Sets the stream cursor to cursor while running. If the cursor argument is t, a stream default is used (typically the cross-hair cursor).

You may wish to call wait-for-mouse-buttons-up prior to calling get-box to ensure that mouse button releases associated with other actions do not interfere with getting the desired box.

See also get-screen-box.

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