Package: common-graphics

Arguments: parent-stream

If there are any rich-edit-panes (instances of the rich-edit-pane class) on parent-window that have had the keyboard focus, then the rich-edit-pane on parent-window that most recently had the focus is returned. (This will be the one that has the focus now if one does.) Otherwise the parent window of parent-window (if it has a parent window) is similarly searched, returning the most-recently-focused rich-edit-pane if any, and then the parent of that window (if any) is searched and so on through the top-level window. (Whenever the parent-window is a frame-with-single-child window, the frame-childframe-child of the parent-window is searched.) If no rich-edit-pane that has had the keyboard focus is found, then nil is returned.

This function is chiefly used internally to find the rich-edit-pane that should be affected by one of the rich-edit "helper" controls such as a rich-edit-multipic, but could also be used by applications. Searching successive parent windows allows a helper control to be on a toolbar of the window containing the rich-edit-pane, for example.

See About Rich Text Editing in Common Graphics in cgide.htm.

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