Package: common-graphics

Arguments: window &key string box font background-color foreground-color close justification draw-border single-line help-string lisp-form

Places a temporary edit-pane on window at box to allow the user to edit string. This is typically done in place, which means that box is positioned directly over a string that is already displayed as part of a larger interface.

window is the window on which the type-in will take place.

string is the initial string to edit. Defaults to the null string.

box is the subregion of the window where the type-in will take place. Defaults to the whole interior of the window.

font is the font to use for editing the string. Defaults to the current font of the window.

background-color is an rgb color for the background of the text. Defaults to the current background color of the window.

foreground-color is an rgb color for the foreground of the text. Defaults to the current foreground color of the window.

If close is true, then the small edit pane is closed after the type-in is complete. Otherwise it is not closed and is reused the next time an edit-in-place is done on window. The latter may make the edit-in-place begin a bit faster, but results in more leftover edit-in-place panes hanging around. Defaults to t.

justification is either :left, :center, or :right to indicate the horizontal justification of the edited text. Defaults to :left.

If draw-border is true, then a border is drawn around the text being edited during the type-in. The value may be either nil for no border, t for a default static border, or any of the border styles that may be passed to make-window. Defaults to nil.

If single-line is true then the edited text will always be a single line of text, and otherwise will wrap to multiple lines as needed in order to fit within the width of box. Defaults to nil.

help-string is a string to display in the status bar at the beginning of the type-in.

lisp-form causes the edit-pane to be a lisp-edit-pane which is not available at runtime. This argument should only be used during development.

Common Graphics and IDE documentation is described in About Common Graphics and IDE documentation in cgide.htm.

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