Generic Function

Package: common-graphics

Arguments: form

Returns class of a window or the class to instantiate when running a form (that is, it is the accessor/setter of the class slot of a form). A form (a special window used to design actual application windows) is always an instance of the form class, to provide its special widget-editing behavior. The class property indicates the intended class that should be instantiated for the application when the form is run or the window associated with the form is created. This function accesses the class slot (since class is a Common Lisp symbol, its name is not available to be the accessor/setter).

But note that it is uncommon to need to use that function programmatically (one typically sets the class slot upon creation of a window with make-window or using the class slot in an inspector window). The form (using Common Lisp functions) (class-name (class-of object)) also serves as an accessor.

This function can also be applied to a window object which is not a form, in which case it returns what (class-name (class-of object)) would return, the class of the window.

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