Generic Function

Package: common-graphics

Arguments: clipboard-format

This generic function returns (or sets with setf) the value of the Windows clipboard for a specified format. The argument may be either :text, :rich-text, or :pixmap to indicate the format. When using the setf, the value should match the specified format, where :text indicates a regular lisp string, :rich-text indicates a regular lisp string that happens to be in rich text format (such as can be retrieved by calling rich-edit-range on a rich-edit widget or rich-edit-pane), and :pixmap indicates a Common Graphics pixmap object. (Common Graphics uses the "device-independent bitmap" Windows clipboard format to pass pixmaps on the Windows clipboard to and from other applications.)

The setf of this function does not modify the lisp clipboard stack. To modify both the Windows clipboard and the lisp clibpoard stack, use a function such as push-lisp-clipboard or copy-command rather than (setf clipboard-object).

The older functions clipboard-string and clipboard-pixmap are deprecated in favor of this newer single function.

Common Graphics and IDE documentation is described in About Common Graphics and IDE documentation in cgide.htm.

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