Package: common-graphics

Arguments: prompt &key initial-name initial-directory stream allowed-types multiple-p change-current-directory-p warn-if-exists-p share-aware-p default-extension

This function provides the service of prompting for one or more new pathnames. It displays a file choice dialog which can be used to specify the directory component. Typing the new name into the File field specifies the filename.

If multiple-p is nil (the default), returns the pathname of the selected file, or nil if none was chosen. If multiple-p is true, returns a list of pathnames of the selected files (even if only one is selected) or nil if none is selected. prompt should be a string explaining what is to be done with the selected file (e.g. "Select new filename for file").

The arguments are:

This function uses the standard Common Dialog supplied by Windows for file selection. Internal Allegro CL file selection dialogs use this function. See ask-user-for-existing-pathname and ask-user-for-directory. See also file-selection-buffer-size.

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