Appendix 4:
Media Reports on the Controversy
Surrounding J. Michael Bailey's Sexology Work:

Thanks to KS for this early media report:

"Bailey is doing the "I like those people" thing to show how he has no animosity toward a different sub-species of human.... And he freely admits he understands nothing of female sexuality, so how can he understand this topic? Anyway, here's the NWU article. - - - KS."
Prof's book challenges opinions of human sexuality
Bailey tackles sensitive transsexuality issues; some find his views offensive
From The Daily Northwestern, 4-21-03:
The Chronicle of Higher Education issue of June 20, 2003
gets the nitty-gritty story on Bailey's mid-life crisis, and his
total lack of original research on transsexualism in his book:
'Dr. Sex'
A human-sexuality expert creates controversy
with a new book on gay men and transsexuals
 On June 21 2003, the National Transgender Advocacy Coalition
issued a press release supporting calls for an investigation Bailey's work
and removal of his book from under the imprimatur of the national Academies:
National Transgender Advocacy Coalition (NTAC)
Press Release about J.Michael Bailey's book
June 21, 2003


John Derbyshire's homophobically and transphobically
glowing review of Bailey's book in the National Review, 6-30-03
Calpernia Addams and Andrea James perspectives column
"Transformations" in the July 22, 2003 issue of The Advocate, 7-09-03
Diverse City Magazine, July 2003:
"To Call a Woman a Queen: A Northwestern psychologist’s
sex theories ignore experiences of gender dysphoria"
[Interview and photos of Calpernia Addams in same issue!]
The Daily Northwestern, 7-17-03:
Subjects question NU prof's research
Women say Bailey used stories in recent book without consent
The Chronicle of Higher Education, 7-17-03:
2 Transsexual Women Say Professor
Didn't Tell Them They Were Research Subjects!!
ScienceNow of the AAAS, 7-18-03:
"Transsexuality Treatise Triggers Furor":
"This is one of the most unsympathetic portrayals of transsexuality ever written..."
Bailey defends himself by saying: "I can't be a slave to sensitivity."
Chicago Free Press 7-23-03:
Writing in the Midwest's #1 Gay Newspaper, Paul Varnell exposes
is also posted on the Independent Gay Forum
Also in the Chicago Free Press 7-23-03:
Weird Science: J. Michael Bailey's “The Man Who Would Be Queen”
By Kim McNabb

The Daily Northwestern, 7-24-03:
"Third complaint filed against sex research"
Associated Press, 7-25-03:
"Transsexuals accuse professor of research misconduct"
Articles on the Bailey controversy appear in
Science and Science magazine
on July 18th and 25th, 2003
In the Chicago Tribune, 29 July 2003:
"Author is ripped for transsexual research"
Northwestern professor taken to task over his book's findings
and whether he informed people he met that they were being studied
In the Chicago Tribune, 30 July, 2003
Associated Press Story in the WOMAN NEWS SECTION:
"Transsexuals file complaints over book"
The Daily Northwestern, 7-31-03:
Transsexuals file 2 more claims against Bailey
Damning Reviews of TMWWBQ appear in Transgender Tapestry:
The Journal of the International Foundation for Gender Education
Fall 2003. Issue #103; posted 10-07-03
Damning Review also appears in Transgender Community News
of The Renaissance Transgender Association, October 2003:
"Junk Science And Michael Bailey", By Nick Sauer
Why are you a queen? A prominent psychologist is arguing
that the gay male brain is more feminine than that of straight men.
How queer is that? In the, 10-17-03
November 18, 2003:
The Daily Northwestern:
"Northwestern University officials plan to launch a full investigation
into allegations that a Northwestern psychology professor
featured stories from transsexual women in his latest book
without receiving their consent."
November 18, 2003:
ABC 7 Chicago News & The Chicago Tribune (from the AP):
NU investigating whether professor got consent from transsexuals
The Washington Times: November 25, 2003
"University investigates ethics of sex researcher"
Unusual level of bi-partisanship exhibited as GLBT groups and
liberals are joined by convervatives in denouncing Bailey's junk science
December 12, 2003
The Chronicle of Higher Education:
Northwestern U. Psychologist Is Accused of Having Sex
With Research Subject
December 17, 2003
In the Chicago Free Press, the Midwest's #1 Gay Newspaper: