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Class Notes: 2002 Inductees
Here's how many of our 2002 Hall Of Famers enjoy their leisure time and how they still give back to society.

Doris Kilbane
ED Online ID #5836
October 20, 2003

    Honoring Your Profession: Introduction

Hans Camenzind's Web site, located at, is a manual for a series of integrated circuits he designed. "The largest chapter is a complete textbook on analog IC designs. It's a teaching tool. I don't think there is another textbook like this. It's very practical and updated every two months." The site's worth is evident in the downloads and e-mails: 2000 downloads and 50 to 100 e-mails a month. The designer of the 555 timer, the highest-volume IC, answers them all. "It takes quite a bit of time, but it is enjoyable."

Through her Web site, Lynn Conway, a pioneer of microelectronics chip design, helps a "special, very misunderstood and highly stigmatized community: young people who suffer from gender identity dysphoria (GID)." The Web sites are:


The sites provide information and assistance on many aspects of gender transition and link to many other supportive Web sites. "The sites help people anticipate problems and understand day-to-day issues. With proper support, counseling, and assistance, many people who need to resolve these inner conflicts are able to transition very successfully," says Conway.

She has also posted more than 130 success stories and photos of people from around the world with a variety of careers and backgrounds who have successfully gone through gender transition. "Young people can find role models here. Many connect by e-mail and share their stories and experiences. The social, personal, and medical problems of transition can be fairly overwhelming. Success stories help young people and their families learn that if they need to do this and work hard at it, they too can be successful."

There have also been changes in the business world with her example and help. "Companies like Intel, HP, Apple, and IBM have learned it is not something that is going to be a disaster and are now supportive of gender transitions. After all, why discard someone who could be a real contributor?" she says. For Conway, exercise and travel are typical favorite past times.

Paul Brokaw, who says his title of Fellow at Analog Devices means he's a "technical mischief maker," swims every day. Not just a couple of laps either. Typically, it's 118 lengths in Tucson's public pool. That's slightly more than a mile and half. The inventor of a bandgap voltage reference technique also enjoys visiting friends in Brazil and Europe. It's a pleasure he squeezes in among global trips to give presentations and crash courses in electronics. "It's fun and I get to meet a lot of people." His little cocker spaniel, Mr. Big, goes along on many of those trips. The pet has flown so much, Brokaw says the dog has frequent-flyer miles! But Brokaw is also looking forward to learning more about the area around Tucson since his move there a few years ago. "There are some new caves opening up that I'm looking forward to seeing," he says.

Working out at a gym several times a week keeps Bob Dobkin, developer of the first three-terminal adjustable linear regulator and first three-terminal adjustable LDO (low dropout) regulator, on top of his game. But he also enjoys less strenuous pastimes like walking with friends, movies, concerts, and staring at the ocean from the cliffs of his Santa Cruz beach house. Oh, and there just happens to be this nearby nudist beach, but we'll skip over that.

Dobkin also enjoys organizing lecture programs for colleges. Last year he helped organize lectures at San Jose State University for a course on analog circuit design. Speakers came from his company, Linear Technology, along with experts from Analog Devices and National Semiconductor. He put together 30 lectures by eight different people. In addition, he has lectured at many different universities and sits on a committee that sets the direction for the electrical engineering school at San Jose State. When he's not busily managing his business or doing any of the above, you just might spot Dobkin cruisin' in his restored 1967 Continental convertible or BMW Z8.

Writer and speaker Bob Pease, who is a recognized analog guru, says the writing and speaking engagements, as well as being the "Dear Abby of the electronics racket" (you can send him an e-mail at with your real-world questions), don't give him any leisure time. When he really needs to get away, he'll head to Nepal where he enjoys trekking for a month at a time: "Trekking is like hiking, but porters carry the packs and set up the meal. It's just beautiful countryside. It's mostly empty and quiet. The snowy slopes of AmaDablam in the Himalayas are most beautiful to walk around. It's fun to do and I get to meet nice people. Nepal is cluttered with nice people all over the place," he says. If you can't reach him in April, wait a month.

Pease, who built the first adjustable negative regulator, wrote another book outside of the engineering field. After having several friends die in accidents, he decided to write a book about "how to drive into accidents and how not to." He's sold several thousand copies and also given them away to "the unlucky loser who most recently drove into an accident." He explains that "We have to drive assuming everyone else on the road is crazy." Pease also supports charities and regularly donates blood and platelets. His key to not crashing after donating blood: Eat one-and-a-half candy bars beforehand.

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