April 1, 1993 to May 18, 1995


You were the very best little companion and friend that anyone could want.

Your affection and love brightened our lives on each day you were with us.

You were as the wildest of all creatures, but still reveled in the comfort and warmth of our home and affection.

You lived every minute of your short life to its maximum. Ultimately, this very exuberance doomed you to an untimely end.

When you left us, the skies darkened, and mother nature shed tears as did we.

As we laid your physical remains to rest and said our final good-byes, the clouds cleared and the sun came out to welcome your spirit.

You left us with many happy memories. We will never forget your joy, on your last evening on earth, as you dashed after us to the woods, wondered about the chirping of the frogs in the bog, and rolled and froliced in the grass in the field. You knew that we were showing you our hunting grounds, and that excited you tremendously.

We will always remember with fondness your affection for us and your total devotion to us. Our home and hearts will always have an empty spot, missing your presence.

We will eventually find other little friends to share our lives, for us to hug and nuzzle and to worry over, but we will never be able to replace our little Skipper.

Enjoy the happy hunting ground, where the skies are always sunny, the grass always green, and the birds never taunting.

Most of all, Skipper, rest in peace. We will miss you very much.


Charlie & Skipper