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Investigating a new material to help you stay connected

Seungku Lee, a graduate student in the Electrical Engineering program, received a U-M Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship to support his dissertation research on BST FARS. These RF devices will permit significant reductions to the size, cost and complexity of current devices that are part of state-of-the-art communication devices such as smartphones and tablets. [Full Story]
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Morteza Nick Receives Best Paper Award at IMS2011

Morteza Nick (PhD EE 2011, exp.) received the Best Paper Award from the Int. Microwave Symposium for his paper in which he introduced a new voltage-controlled-oscillator design technique. [Full Story]
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Mina Rais-Zadeh Receives NSF CAREER Award

Prof. Rais-Zadeh will pursue research in the area of MEMS Reconfigurable Filters for Multi-Band Low-Power Radios. [Full Story]
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Curtis Ling Making Things Happen

Curtis Ling (MSE EE ྖ, PhD EE ྙ) is CTO and Co-Founder of MaxLinear, which builds highly integrated RF mixed-signal broadband communication systems on a single chip. The combination of high performance with small silicon die size and low power consumption makes their products very competitive. Curtis spent his career before the startup building a company that was acquired by Qualcomm and helping shape the new Hong Kong University of Science and Technology as a faculty member. [Full Story]
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