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Schoenebeck, Grant:

Grant Schoenebeck Receives NSF CAREER Award

Prof. Grant Schoenebeck has received an NSF CAREER Award for his research project, "CAREER: Social Networks Processes, Structures, and Algorithms," to develop a rigorous theoretical understanding of complex networks. [Full Story]
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Grant Schoenebeck Selected for Facebook Faculty Award

Prof. Grant Schoenebeck has been selected as the recipient of a Facebook Faculty Award for his work in theoretical computer science and its potential for impact in the area of social networking. He is currently working on better understanding "complex" contagions, which, unlike diseases and rumors, typically require more than one neighbor for infection. [Full Story]
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Two New Faculty Join CSE

We are pleased to announce that two new faculty will be coming to CSE in the new academic year: Kevin Fu in January 2013, and Grant Schoenebeck in September 2012. [Full Story]
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